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Your Windows 8 Picasa Companion
PicasaRT supports multiple Picasa accounts at the same time, allowing you to browse your albums and photos in a natural way.
The app uses touch gestures to allow zooming and panning the photos.

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Why Forget - Write it down

Unique Layout. No more boring grids.

PicasaRT uses a variable-sized grid that is kept consistent across different devices.

Evolving and Responding Just mail your features.

PicasaRT is the fastest evolving Windows 8 Picasa client. Features are added on a weekly basis, and are prioritized according to your feedback.

Snap and PullYou'll always get your wish.

PicasaRT allows you to choose. Immerse yourself in the full screen mode, snap it to one side of the screen, rotate the device - PicasaRT always obliges.

Main Features
- Easily view all your Picasa accounts on your WinRT device
- Local cache saves bandwidth and waiting time
- Zoom and pan your photo using touch
- View photo details
- See photos in full screen
- Multiple Picasa accounts
- Synchronized Google accounts across devices
- Share your photos via Mail, OneNote and other apps.
- More to come soon

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